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Spatial Excellence Award

Landgate and Aerometrex have won the Western Australian (WA) Spatial Excellence Award for Innovation and Commercialisation.

Landgate and Aerometrex developed a prototype which integrated earthmine and Aero3DPro technologies to give customers clearer images from aerial and terrestrial perspectives.

The earthmine Australia solution captures 3-Dimensional (3D) panoramic high-resolution street level imagery, which is used by customers such as local government authorities to manage assets and make planning decisions.

Aero3DPro, produced by Aerometrex, provides fully textured, geographically accurate and high resolution 3D models which include all natural and human built objects present in a scene.

The challenge is twofold: 3D aerial imagery often pixelates the closer the imagery is at ground level and assets cannot be visualised under vegetation canopies, verandas or building awnings.

Landgate’s Sales Executive earthmine Bhavin Shah saw an opportunity to address the challenge and submitted a proposal to the Innovation Program suggesting that the two technologies could be integrated.

The Innovation Program supported the proposal and provided funding for the project.

Customers can now view ground level imagery with the earthmine embedded Aero3DPro viewer to identify and analyse assets and infrastructure which would otherwise have been obscured using aerial imagery.

General Manager Business Development Jodi Cant said the project was an excellent example of Landgate’s innovative culture.

“Landgate was the first Australian public sector agency to launch a formal innovation program in 2008,” Ms Cant said.

“The Innovation Program inspires staff to create new solutions in an open, transparent and collaborative way.”

Read more about Landgate’s Innovation Program and Aero3DPro.

Pictured: Sales Executive earthmine Bhavin Shah and Product Manager Andrew Gordon

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