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Innovation – the way forward

Landgate's celebrated Innovation Program will be showcased during a presentation to the Institute of Public Administration Australia WA.

Landgate's General Manager of Business Development Jodi Cant will be addressing IPAA's opening session of its 2015 Innovation series on July 21.

The topic is 'The Innovation Imperative' and Jodi will share Landgate's journey in becoming the first public sector agency to adopt a culture of innovation.

 "If you look at our history as one of the oldest State Government agencies, it's not surprising that Landgate is the driving force of innovation in the public sector," Ms Cant said.

"Landgate's founders were explorers who mapped WA in colonial times.

"We are still explorers today, keen to find new and smarter ways to carry out business."

Landgate's Innovation Program was initiated in 2008 and included the formation of an innovation team comprising of four people from across the agency. 

The roles are filled on a rotational basis to maintain fresh input and bring new skills to the team.

Senior Research Officer Brendon McAtee said his time with the program was an experience to be proud of.

"Having been the manager of the program for the last two years I can say that Landgate is at the forefront of some real enthusiasm across State Government to make innovation work," Mr McAtee said.

Ms Cant said Mr McAtee's positive feedback is shared by other participants who say it is the best experience in their professional lives. 

"Working on innovation projects not only helps employees develop valuable skills that benefit Landgate, it sets them up for the rest of their careers," Ms Cant said.

 "If we're truly successful we won't need an innovation program in 10-to-15 years, we will be an innovation business; it will be part of our DNA."

Ms Cant said innovation is the way forward for the public sector.

"When resources are tight, opportunities arise," Ms Cant said.

"It's a perfect time for the public sector to adopt an innovative mindset so we can be smarter and do better with less."

Learn more about Landgate's Innovation program.

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