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Highs in land document transactions and lot creations

Landgate's June 2015 Business Activity Profile (BAP) identifies end of financial year highs for land document transactions and lot creations.

Total land document lodgements in June 2015 were 34,852, an increase of 15.25 per cent when compared to the previous month (30,239), which is normal before the end of the financial year, however a 4.31 per cent decrease when compared to June 2014 (36,423).

End of financial year 2014/15 total document lodgements were 356,010, a minor decrease of 2.05 per cent when compared to 2013/14 (363,477).

Landgate Acting Chief Executive Andrew Fernandez said the end of financial year figures continued to show increases in freehold and strata lot creations and survey plan lodgements.

"There has been a 14.42 per cent increase in the number of strata and survey strata plans lodged throughout 2014/15 when compared to 2013/14 and 16.15 per cent increase in the total number of subdivisional and strata lots created for 2014/15, compared to the previous 2013/14," Mr Fernandez said.

"We are experiencing a seven-year high for freehold lots created and an eight-year high for strata lots created."

The total number of freehold and strata lots created for 2014/15 was 33,988, an increase of 16.15 percent when compared to 2013/14 (29,263).

Landgate's Business Activity Profile covers all property related documents lodged within Landgate and is a barometer of the state of the property market in Western Australia.

The June BAP 2015 is available on Landgate's website. It provides the monthly total of all documents lodged with sections detailing transfers, mortgages, caveats, searches and other categories of property related documents.

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