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City of Swan and Landgate ready to get growing

The City of Swan is teaming up with Landgate for two upcoming corporate tree planting days.

City of Swan Mayor, Charlie Zannino, said the planting days would help improve an area of Swan Regional Riverside Park, on Wednesday 22 July and revegetate an area of Whiteman Park following last year's devastating fire on Friday 31 July.

"Primarily it makes a positive impact in improving the environment, helps prevent erosion and provides animal habitat," he said.

"For staff there's the added benefit of getting to work in a different part of our community than they usually do, and a chance to build camaraderie between staff from different agencies and departments."

Altone Ward Councillor, David Färdig, said the plants would be chosen to suit the location.

"Whiteman Park is providing the plants for the park, to ensure they suit the local habitat, and the City of Swan and Landgate staff are providing the people power," he said.

Landgate Chief Executive Mike Bradford said the planting day at Whiteman Park was part of the Park's 20,000 trees planting project to regenerate the area following the fire in December last year.

"Planting 20,000 trees is a significant target for Whiteman Park, and we're pleased we can help out, and prove that many hands make light work", Mr Bradford said.

"Landgate has a strong link to the Midland and surrounding communities and this project demonstrates the commitment of our business and staff to ensuring the sustainability of the natural environment."

These events build on the planting days conducted by City of Swan and Landgate staff last year.

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