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E-conveyancing milestone for WA

Minster for Lands Terry Redman acknowledged the expansion of electronic conveyancing (e-conveyancing) in Western Australia in a Minister's Statement released today.

E-conveyancing full functionality, which has been available from 25 May 2015, allows settlement agents, legal practitioners and financial institutions to subscribe with Property Exchange Australia Ltd (PEXA) and electronically settle and lodge caveats, withdrawal of caveats and transfers.

Landgate Chief Executive Mr Bradford said that the implementation of e-conveyancing in Western Australia and nationally was an extraordinary achievement, of which Landgate played a significant role.

"More than 100 staff from almost every business area of Landgate has contributed to the establishment of e-conveyancing since we and the State Government committed five years ago to the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) reform agenda to achieve a seamless national economy," Mr Bradford said.

"We now have, with the implementation of full functionality of e-conveyancing across the four major states, the ability for land document transactions online and in the next two years the roll out to the other states will be completed.

"The hard work that has gone into implementing e-conveyancing by Landgate is considerable and it is important to be proud and recognise those efforts. It is an exciting time for us and the State's property market."

Western Australia's Registrar of Titles Ms Jean Villani added, "The full functionality of
e-conveyancing is now a reality and we are able to lodge the full complement of our top five land transactions including mortgages and discharge of mortgages, which the major banks have been able to do in Western Australia since June 2014."

Find out more about e-conveyancing by visiting Landgate's e-conveyancing web page.

Minister for Lands Terry Redman and Landgate Director Registrations Jean Villani.

Minister for Lands Terry Redman (left) and Landgate Director Registrations Jean Villani.