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More information for homebuyers

New information on Landgate’s Property Interest Report can tell homebuyers whether a building is on a local government municipal inventory.

Local governments use municipal inventories to record places which are of heritage interest in the local area.

Landgate Chief Executive Mike Bradford said this is one of more than 70 interests homebuyers can learn about if they order a Property Interest Report.

“Property Interest Reports have important information about restrictions and responsibilities which may impact on an owner’s use or enjoyment of land,” Mr Bradford said.

“Listed Interests include whether a property is located in a bushfire prone area, is likely to experience aircraft noise or is near power and water infrastructure.

“Learning whether a property is on a municipal inventory is more valuable information that will help ensure homebuyers understand everything about the property they are buying.”

The State Heritage Office has been working in close partnership with Landgate for more than a year to map places on local government municipal inventories.

State Heritage Office Executive Director Graeme Gammie said this mapping offers invaluable information that home buyers can take into consideration when deciding whether to purchase a property.

“To date, more than 12,500 places across nearly 40 local government municipal inventories have been mapped,” Mr Gammie said.

“Finding out a property is on a municipal inventory signals that there is something special about it and homebuyers can contact the local government or the State Heritage Office to learn more.”

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