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Customer service – our top priority

At Landgate our customers, our people and our community are at the heart of everything we do; that is why we have embarked on a major business improvement program to further enhance the way we meet our clients’ needs.

Some of the measures we have taken include technological advances, process refinements and building on the capabilities within our workforce to ensure the needs of our customers are met.

Landgate’s account managers are also working with industry groups to improve the way we deliver our services to them.

We are only part way through the whole program of business improvements but we are already seeing increased customer satisfaction.  More than 80 per cent of our customers have reported being satisfied with Landgate in the July to September 2015 quarter rating Landgate 8, 9 or 10 out of 10 for overall satisfaction. 

In March 2015 Landgate launched its new website.  Customers have endorsed this initiative by describing the site as being easy to use and descriptive, and identifying it as their top reason for being satisfied with Landgate. 

They also said Landgate provided excellent customer service, and accurate, efficient and hassle free information.

Landgate Chief Executive Mike Bradford said improvements would continue in 2016.

“It’s reassuring to know we are on the right track and delivering noticeable improvements to our customers,” Mr Bradford said.

“Our latest survey results show overall, satisfaction has significantly increased for Landgate this quarter.

“We will continue to build on this success to make Landgate more receptive to the needs of our customers.”

Read our Customer Service Charter.