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CIB 270 Barcodes on Lodgement Slips to be phased out by 16 November 2015

Barcodes on Lodgement Slips to be phased out by 16 November 2015

With the introduction of the new receipt and transitioning away from barcoded Lodgement Slips, Landgate is introducing efficiencies in the lodgement process, improving the customer experience.

From 16 November 2015, Landgate will no longer supply pads of Lodgement Slips and barcodes will no longer be printed by Landgate systems.  From that date, any Lodgement Slips presented to Landgate will not be barcoded.

Lodgement Slips are now optional

The Lodgement Slip is currently a form that is completed by the lodging party and presented to Landgate with cases for lodgement. It lists the documents and evidence being lodged. Landgate has printed pads of these slips, and made them available to lodgers. The Lodgement Slip (or a customer coversheet containing the same information) has been mandatory, as Landgate applied a barcode and endorsed payment on the Lodgement Slip as proof of lodgement.

In September 2015, Lodgement Slips became optional for case lodgement. The cash register imprint is no longer applied to the Lodgement Slip. A separate Landgate receipt is available for the lodging party as proof of lodgement.

The new Landgate receipt design has incorporated feedback from industry, providing an increased amount of information concerning the lodgement.  The receipt includes case numbers, date/time lodged, document numbers, document types and composition of fees.

Barcodes on Lodgement Slips to be phased out

The information previously on the Lodgement Slip barcode is now provided in the Landgate receipt.  For a period of time, to assist our customers in the transition, the additional Lodgement Slip barcodes have remained available and are being applied to the Lodgement Slip on request.  From 16 November 2015, any Lodgement Slips presented to Landgate will no longer be barcoded.

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