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Locate - WA at your finger tips

New website revolutionises our view of Western Australia's location information and imagery.

Lands Minister Brendon Grylls today launched a new website that brings together information on property boundaries, public transport networks, the location of schools, health services and the latest census data.

It will also provide satellite updates on the location and intensity of fires across Western Australia.

Mr Grylls said the website, Locate, provided access to comprehensive government-sourced data and imagery. The online service can be accessed at

"Locate will put information at the fingertips of home buyers, real estate investors and developers to help them make informed decisions when purchasing property," he said.

"It also provides historical maps dating back to the 1800s of Perth and country towns, along with aerial photography of the State that can be layered over Landgate's most recent aerial imagery.

"Locate allows users to take a step back in time and see how the State's landscape has been developed. It's fascinating to see how communities have changed over the decades to accommodate our growing and evolving State."

Hotspots data from Landgate's FireWatch service, which identifies fires across the State, is also available on Locate in real time.

Fires are detected and monitored by land monitoring satellites every few hours. The hotspots data also shows the intensity and effect on the land as the fires are burning.

"This is critical information for emergency services, farmers and land management professionals in discovering, tracking and managing fires," the Minister said.

The website was developed by Landgate and is the first product to be released under the Government's $23 million Location Information Strategy.

Locate is part of one of the strategy's key projects, the redevelopment of the Shared Location Information Platform.

Data has been provided from a broad range of State and Commonwealth agencies such as Landgate; Main Roads WA; Public Transport Authority; State departments of Planning, Mines and Petroleum; Water Corporation and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.