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Keep an eye on a Title with Landgate’s TitleWatch

Landgate's TitleWatch provides a fast, easy and economical way to monitor any dealings that occur on a nominated Certificate of Title. 

TitleWatch alerts a property owner to expected and more importantly unexpected changes to a nominated title. 

TitleWatch provides a subscriber with an automatic email notification informing them of the current status of a dealing, starting at the moment a document is lodged at Landgate. A dealing includes any action against a Certificate of Title and most commonly includes changes of ownership, address and mortgage details, caveats and easements. 

Western Australia's Registrar of Titles, Bruce Roberts said "For the homeowner, Titlewatch allows them to get notice of changes that have occurred to their title at an affordable price while at the same time, it offers a valuable service to professional customers such as accountants, lawyers and real estate agents who can monitor properties on behalf of their clients." 

Landgate's system checks all Certificates of Titles twice a day to see if there has been any action. If a Certificate of Title has a TitleWatch subscription and there has been a change to the action status of that title, Landgate will automatically send an email notification alerting the subscriber to the updated status. 

A 12 month TitleWatch subscription for a single title costs only $26.95 which includes GST. This covers all automated email notifications and quarterly updates that relate to a single Certificate of Title for a 12 month period. 

If you would like to monitor activity on your Title then subscribe to TitleWatch online today and receive instant alerts. 

For more information, a sample and pricing, go to the TitleWatch webpage.

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