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Current and future strata reforms

Use this page for an update on any current or future strata legislative reforms that Landgate is working on. 

WA’s strata management educational model is changing

A new and improved model for strata management educational qualifications has been proposed for WA following extensive industry consultation.

The changes expand educational qualifications and introduce experience requirements for professional strata managers, as well as create new career pathways and redefine some roles and responsibilities to better meet industry needs. They also resolve the challenging impact that national changes to the Certificate IV in Strata Community Management had on WA’s industry.

WA strata owners and tenants will benefit from the uplift in professional knowledge and experience within our state’s strata management industry.

Implementing these changes involves amending WA’s strata titles regulations: the Strata Titles (General) Regulations 2019 (STGR).

The amendments to the STGR will take effect across two phases.

Phase 1

  • Singular amendment to provide a six-month extension to the transitional period (from 1 May 2024 to1 November 2024) for strata managers to comply with WA’s education qualifications.
  • The extension of the transitional period will provide time to complete Phase 2.
  • Commencement timing | 1 May 2024.

Phase 2

  • Expected to include all amendments implementing the new educational model, pending feedback from an upcoming public consultation. The detail of each amendment is below.
  • A further extension of the transitional period allowing strata managers an additional two-year period to comply after the new educational model.
  • Commencement timing | To be advised by Landgate during an upcoming public consultation.

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