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Landgate offers digital aerial photographic images covering a large portion of Western Australia.

Images are available for purchase online and range from the present day back to 1948.

Images can be delivered in a number of formats and at varying resolutions.

All aerial photography offered for purchase online has been geometrically corrected (orth-rectified) to ensure its suitability for professional use.
Please note: With the exception of the JPEG format, all online aerial imagery is geo-referenced.

A wider range of unrectified photography is available from our Midland office. Please call 08 9273 7555 for further enquiries.

Get an aerial image today

The quickest and easiest way to order Aerial photography is online.
We will email you your Aerial Photography product within 30 minutes. Prices start as low as $22.00 plus $0.49 per MB*.
* Please note: Images between 10MB and 600MB in size will be delivered via a download link. Images larger than 600MB will be delivered on CD or DVD; delivery charges will apply.
Viewing imagery online prior to purchase will not incur any charges.

Using this Information

You can use aerial photography to:

  • View properties in Western Australia
  • Assist with land development
  • Provide a base for urban and regional planning
  • Support asset management
  • Provide a view of the land for agricultural and natural resource management

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Aerial Photography Updates - Mosaics

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