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Topographic Maps

Landgate provides a range of topographic maps for Western Australia.

Topographic mapping is available in two themes, planimetric and relief. Planimetric mapping shows cultural features such as roads and buildings, but also includes physical features such as hydrography (streams, lakes and rivers) and vegetation. The relief theme show the shape of the land using contour lines and spot heights. Where the slope is steeper, the contours are closer together and where it is more gentle, the contours are farther apart.

A combination of themes can be requested to meet your requirements and are available in both hard copy and digital formats. Map scales vary and express the size relationship between the feature shown on a map and the same features on the earth's surface. A 1:1,000 (large scale) map shows building outlines where a 1:1,000,000 (small scale) map would show the same building features as small symbols.

National Mapping Series Scale
Raster DVD Australian coverage (National Mapping) 1:250,000
Topographic Mapping SeriesScale
Dated Topographic Maps 1:25,000
Combined Topographic and Cadastral Data 1:50,000
General State Reference Map Series 1:1,000,000
Western Australian Land Information Authority