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Legislation that supports geographic naming procedures

Land Administration Act 1997
Part 2-General administration
Division 3-General
26. Constitution, etc. of land districts and townsites

(1) In this section


(a) means townsite constituted under subsection (2); and

(b) except in subsection (2)(a), includes land referred to in clause 37 of Schedule 9.3 to the Local Government Act 1995.

(2) Subject to section 26A, the Minister may by order

(a) constitute land districts and townsites;

(b) define and redefine the boundaries of, name, rename and cancel the names of, and, subject to this section, abolish land districts and townsites; and

(c) name, rename and cancel the name of any topographical feature, road or reserve.

(3) An order made under subsection (2) may include such matters enabled to be effected under an order made under another provision of this Act as the Minister thinks fit.

[Section 26 amended by No. 38 of 2005 s. 8.]

26A. Names of roads and areas in new subdivisions

(1) If a person delivers a diagram or plan of survey of a subdivision of land approved by the Planning Commission to a local government, and the proposed subdivision includes the provision of a road for use by the public, that person must also deliver to the local government the name proposed to be given to the road.

(2) The local government may require the person so subdividing the land —

(a) to propose a name for the proposed road or, if a name has already been proposed, to alter that name; and

(b) to propose a name for the area the subject of the proposed subdivision, or if a name has already been proposed, to alter that name.

(3) If the local government approves a name proposed under subsection (1) or (2), the local government is to forward the proposal to the Minister.

(4) The Minister may —

(a) approve the proposed name;

(b) direct the local government to reconsider the proposed name, having regard to such matters as the Minister may mention in the direction; or

(c) refuse to approve the proposed name.

(5) A person must not —

(a) assign a name to the area or road unless the name is first approved by the Minister;

(b) alter or change a name that has been so assigned, whether initially or from time to time, to the area or road unless the Minister first approves of the alteration or change of that name.

Penalty: $1 000 and a daily penalty of $100.

[Section 26A inserted by No. 38 of 2005 s. 9.]

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