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Historical Records

Track the history of your family’s land ownership.
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As used by the producers of ABC’s ‘Who’s Been Sleeping In My House?'

Landgate retains many Historical Records that can be accessed at your request. Records date back to the first colonisation of the Swan River Settlement in 1829.

Historical Records Landgate can provide include:

  • Ex-owners and sales information of a property.
  • Certificates of Title dating back to 1875 (Torrens system).
  • Detailed written reports, including ‘chain of Title’ searches.
  • Cancelled Certificates of Title.
  • Historical maps showing land tenure.
  • Cancelled Public Plans.
  • Crown and Freehold Surveys.
  • Crown Leases and Registers.
  • Deeds of Memorial, Indexes and Registers dating back to 1829.
  • Historical Aerial Photography dating back to 1948.
  • Images from the Heritage Collection of historical maps, charts and plans.
  • Colour images or scans are available for some items upon request and at additional cost. Contact us more details.

Order a copy today

The quickest and easiest way to start your search is by filling out and returning a Request Form to Landgate. Searching for Historical Records is a staff assisted service. Prices and delivery times vary depending on the specifics of the request and the current volume of work*. Copies of Historical Records can be provided in hardcopy, and sometimes in digital formats.
* Please Note: In most cases an estimated cost can be provided before a search is commenced. Please view Fee details for more information.

Using this Information

You can use this information to:

  • Search your family’s land ownership history.
  • Research the history of a particular parcel of land.
  • Determine ownership of a property at various times.
  • Determine the sales history of a particular parcel of land.
  • Assist with determining previous land use for development or environmental studies.
  • Research changes in land tenure or cadastral boundaries over time.

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